Our Unique Way

At Kindred Delivery, we do things differently


We take a human-driven approach for every touch point of our business.


We like to test and explore unconventional approaches to improve our setup.


We are all about keeping things simple and straight-forward for our customers.

Our people-first approach that spans from staffing to customer service is our pride and joy.

Putting our community above all else comes second nature to us, as we truly believe that every employee is what makes Kindred whole and functional - as one family unit.

We are constantly discovering ways to create efficiencies in the way we do things.

This means taking the road less travelled so we close the gap between us and you. Whether it’s through supply chain experimentation, or building a simple and straightforward system for users. Because of you, we are always listening and always evolving. 


First, all collected packages are brought to the nearest geographical hub.


Then, they are distributed into smaller batches based on their delivery region.
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Next, they are sent off to respective micro-fulfilment centres for fine sorting.


Finally, all packages are loaded onto our Kindred vans and are sent out for delivery.

Our Impact

Going beyond just business.


Our people are our backbone, so giving back to the community is highly necessary for us. We take a holistic approach to staff wellness by putting in place tangible support systems, such as providing additional HR resources, job training and upward mobility to empower anyone working in Kindred to advance in their personal and professional lives. We never compromise on our staff’s needs. 

Social Impact

We look for every opportunity to spread positivity and move our society forward. We hope to create awareness on important social issues while supporting our local artist community by showcasing their work on our merchandise. 

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Our ambition is to be carbon neutral by 2026. To achieve this, we will implement eco-friendly measures such as introducing a full fleet of electric cars, sustainable packaging options and solar powered warehouses. Our promise is that we are committed to making Kindred an eco-conscious business. 

Get in touch with our friendly team

We are currently only accepting corporate orders. To get more details or a custom quote, do reach out to us directly.