What Is Last-Mile Deliver, Its Challenges & How We Solve Them

What Is Last-Mile Delivery, Its Challenges & How We Solve Them

Did you know that about 3.3 million people shop in the e-commerce market in Singapore and the revenue generated alone in 2021 was a whopping 2.7 million USD? And as these consumers become even more digitally savvy in recent years, they now demand an online shopping experience that is efficient, accurate and yet affordable. 

Thus, changing consumer behaviour and business demands call for holistic changes in the logistics industry too, especially when it comes to last-mile delivery in Singapore; a service that aims to improve customer satisfaction and reduce delivery time in the last leg of the delivery journey. 

Here are some challenges faced in last-mile delivery and how we solve them - read on to find out more.

1. High delivery costs

An efficient delivery service requires fleet operation, technology for pre-planned routes and many other aspects - things that will involve a lump sum of money. Hence, businesses who are looking to set up their own last-mile delivery service by investing in infrastructure and employing manpower may wish to reconsider as it can be costly, which will then translate into rising prices for customers.

At the same time, these costs get doubled if a delivery attempt fails and re-attempt is needed. High delivery costs is also a deterring factor for customers to cart out when shopping online. 

Therefore, here at Kindred Delivery, we focus on offering affordable last-mile delivery services to take the load away from both businesses and consumers. Our package prices start from just $3.40 with two re-attempts included per delivery; giving you peace of mind that your customers get their packages without having to incur additional costs on your end.

Parcel in its last mile delivery in singapore

2. Delivery delays

While unforeseen circumstances may happen and result in delivery delays, this can become expensive for businesses in the long run. Not only will customers think twice before ordering from you again, but it can also affect your company’s reputation. 

Thus, a proper last-mile delivery plan is a must and this involves route planning and GPS tracking so that delivery drivers know the best route to deliver packages the fastest way. 

At Kindred Delivery, each last-mile carrier is assigned a pre-planned route to ensure that parcels are delivered on time and in tip top condition.

3. Lack of transparency

It is only normal for customers to want to track their packages so that they can get in touch with the seller in the event of a lost parcel or delayed shipping. Most last-mile delivery services offer tracking codes but more needs to be done in this day and age, such as investing in a delivery management software to show every step of the way in real-time - from picking up the parcel to sorting and out for delivery. 

We believe in absolute transparency here at Kindred Delivery by providing real-time tracking so that both businesses and customers can benefit from it. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the chances of disputes. 

Last-mile delivery with Kindred Delivery

Kindred Delivery’s streamlined last-mile delivery service uses data-driven techniques and top notch customer service to resolve potential challenges. 

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