Understanding How Your Packages Are Handled At Kindred During Last-mile Delivery

Always wondered how your package is being handled during the last-mile delivery process in Singapore? 

Well, here at Kindred Delivery, we place the utmost importance on ensuring it is a quick and hassle-free affair from pick-up to drop-off so as to provide our customers with peace of mind that their parcels are always in safe hands. 

If you are thinking of scheduling a parcel delivery with us, you may be interested in finding out more about what the customer journey and last-mile delivery process at Kindred Delivery are like so read on to find out more!

1. Ordering a service

Simply choose from one of our three services if you would like to schedule a package delivery. Each service - Standard, Express and Tailored - differs slightly in price depending on the delivery timeframe. 

However, at Kindred Delivery, we aim to make all of our parcel delivery services affordable yet still quicker than conventional courier services. Hence, prices start from just $3.40 per package, with delivery timeframes ranging from two working days to within 24 hours and customisable pick-up and drop-off timings. 

There is no weight limit for each package and tracking is always provided regardless of which service you choose for greater assurance and security.

2.Getting your parcel ready for pick-up

Your job is almost done here, in just two simple steps! All you have to do next after scheduling a pick-up is to print out your receiver’s details on our RFID labels which you will then have to paste onto the package. 

This step is crucial in helping last-mile delivery companies like us sort and send out your parcels efficiently. 

box delivery service singapore

3. Picking up your parcel

Once that is completed, just sit back and relax while our driver sets out to collect your parcel within the stipulated time frames. Pick-up locations can be set anywhere in Singapore, from your home to your office, so you never have to step out to get a parcel delivered. 

4. Counting parcels

After collecting your parcel, the load will be counted using an RFID scanner gun instead of counting manually which typically takes up a lot of time and may result in delivery delays, before transferring it to one of our warehouses. 

Kindred Delivery also provides cross-docking, in which your parcel gets directly transferred from incoming to outbound transport without storing it in the warehouse - perfect for urgent deliveries.

5. Sorting parcels

Next, before delivering the package to your recipient, the load gets brought back to one of our warehouses for major sorting. Parcels are then sorted according to North, South, East and West hubs to allow faster delivery. 

The load is further micro-sorted at these hubs into bags of 10 based on the driver’s pre-planned route.

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6. Delivering parcels

In the final step of last-mile delivery, our drivers get on the road to deliver your parcel to your recipient. 

The small delivery quantity of 10 per driver and pre-planned route go hand in hand to ensure that your parcel gets delivered on time and in tip-top condition. 

Kindred Delivery’s pick-up and delivery service

Kindred Delivery’s streamlined parcel delivery process increases efficiency during the last-mile delivery portion using data-driven techniques such as pre-planned routes and the seamless sorting of parcels in warehouses. 

What used to take hours is now made easier to reduce time wasted as much as possible, all so that customers like yourself enjoy the convenience and efficiency of last-mile delivery. 

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