The Importance Of A Human-Focused Approach For Delivery Services

The Importance Of A Human-Focused Approach For Delivery Services

The delivery person is often the only face consumers see throughout the entire online shopping experience. Hence, it is important for delivery services in Singapore to take on a human-focused approach to improve customer satisfaction which will have a direct impact on the company’s reputation and sales.

Here are some things businesses like us have done to humanise the delivery process - read on to find out more.

1. Enhance communication

Instead of just leaving your customers an email address to contact your company so as to clarify any doubts, setting up live chat support so that communication can be done easily and quickly is one of the ways to be more human-focused. This builds an ongoing rapport and nurtures a long-lasting relationship because customers do not have to wait for days before they receive a reply, which is what we do here at Kindred Delivery for anybody who engages our delivery service.

Another useful way to enhance communication is by setting up a one-way SMS text service so that customers can be updated on the delivery progress or any changes to the delivery status instantly. When senders and receivers are not left wondering if their parcel has been delivered, the delivery service will be deemed as reliable and we will be able to retain customers.

2. Make use of pictures

Contactless delivery has become the norm all over the world thanks to the pandemic, but that does not mean the human approach in delivery services has to be taken away. As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words", so what better way to ease the customers’ worry than sending a delivery confirmation photo? 

While providing them with peace of mind that their parcel has been delivered, it also reduces the delivery service’s liability in the event of disputes.

Make use of pictures Delivery Service in Singapore

3. Real-time tracking

Once customers receive a tracking link to inform them that their parcel is out for delivery, chances are they will be looking out their window or refreshing the tracking page every few minutes. 

Thus, offering live or real-time tracking in which customers are able to see their parcel’s location on the map is a great way to tell them they can sit back and relax since they are up to date with every movement of the parcel. Here at Kindred Delivery, we offer real-time tracking for all parcels as we believe in going above and beyond to keep our customers in the loop. 

When customer satisfaction is high, they will be more likely to engage our delivery service again and might even leave us a good review.

4. Encourage feedback

Lastly, gathering feedback is a good way to help delivery services streamline their processes. Not only will it help to improve and shape business strategies, but it also makes customers feel that their opinions and feelings are being valued. 

One of the easiest ways is sending a message to the customers to get them to rate the service or to share their feedback on their experience following the delivery. Some even go the extra mile to address any concerns they may have by replying to them; this may earn the company extra points from showing that their customers’ feedback has been taken seriously.

Encourage feedback Delivery Service in Singapore

Looking for a local courier service in Singapore that uses a human-focused approach? Consider Kindred Delivery; we ensure reliable and personalised support through our dedicated customer service team and last-mile carriers, while also being receptive to feedback and constantly innovating new services and processes to serve different needs better. 

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