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The Differences Between Last-Mile Delivery And Courier Services

Courier services have been around for years but as technology advances and transforms the logistics industry, many are now turning to quicker and more efficient delivery alternatives to meet the demand. One such option is last-mile delivery in Singapore, a type of delivery service that provides tracking and a shorter delivery time frame. 

In this article, we will be covering more about the differences between a traditional courier service and the emerging last-mile delivery option. 

1. Last-mile delivery is more cost-effective

While a traditional courier company in Singapore usually offers more affordable options, it does not mean it will be cost-effective in the long run. The use of manual sorting and handling of packages will undoubtedly require more manpower, time and effort - resulting in slower deliveries and affecting customer satisfaction. 

However, with tech-centric last-mile delivery, processes are made easier and quicker using RFID technology, for instance, to deliver parcels to your recipients as soon as possible. This improves customer satisfaction in return, making it a cost-effective option for all businesses.  

2. Last-mile delivery offers a predictable delivery window

Most conventional courier companies offer a delivery timeframe ranging from three to five days which is understandable due to their manual processes, but not all customers are willing to wait this long. 

On the other hand, your parcel can be sent to your customer’s door as quick as within 24 hours with last-mile delivery. There are even options to customise a delivery pick-up and drop-off time to cater to your needs. This predictable delivery window allows businesses to make better arrangements to meet the demand in the event of a surge in orders and especially during festive periods. 

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3. Last-mile delivery provides tracking

This is perhaps one of the biggest differences between last-mile delivery and traditional courier services, such as those that deliver straight to your letterbox without real-time tracking, which can either make or break the entire customer experience. The former provides tracking for each parcel whereas the latter typically does not, mostly due to the lack of tracking technology and parcels being sorted and dispatched manually. 

Having the option to track packages via GPS is a win-win situation for businesses and customers as both will get peace of mind that the delivery is on its way or parcel has been safely delivered. This is especially helpful in the case of expensive or perishable deliveries - reducing the chances of disputes and giving customers instant gratification when their needs and wants get fulfilled without delays. 

4. Last-mile delivery is more convenient

Long gone are the days of having to head to the post office to get a parcel couriered to your recipient. This is also not a viable option for businesses that have a large number of deliveries to make. 

While some courier companies have partnered with pop-up stations around the country for senders to drop off their parcels, last-mile delivery has made it even more convenient with door-to-door pick-ups. Delivery personnel will be dispatched to your chosen location to pick up parcels, followed by bringing them back to the warehouse to sort, before delivering them to your customers - saving both time and effort. 

While courier services have their own benefits too, last-mile delivery has been consistently gaining popularity for being a quick, trustworthy and fuss-free way to deliver parcels. 

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