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The Advantages Of Using Door-To-Door Delivery Services

Delivery options are aplenty, ranging from normal postage to courier services. But if you are looking for a delivery service that will help to simplify the process without compromising on quality, door-to-door delivery in Singapore is one to consider. 

Door-to-door delivery is a shipping method in which parcels are picked up directly from the sender and delivered to the receiver. This uncomplicated process makes it suitable for a wide range of stakeholders, such as businesses sending out customers’ parcels and individuals who need to make an urgent delivery. 

Here are some of the advantages of using door-to-door delivery services in Singapore. 

More cost-effective

Most door-to-door delivery service providers operate on a fixed pricing system with no fluctuations in the cost of delivery even in situations like seasonal hikes during festive periods. Their fully transparent pricing model lets you know the cost per parcel depending on a few factors such as the pick-up time, delivery timeframe and maximum weight per parcel if any. The decision of which package to choose is solely yours to make so you can be sure there will never be any unwarranted surcharges. 

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Saves time

The phrase “time is money” has never been more relatable for businesses and sometimes, individuals who have a busy daily schedule. Apart from being cost-effective, door-to-door delivery also helps to save time as businesses will get to consolidate all parcels before arranging a one-time pick-up to get everything sent out at one go. Individuals will also not have to make a trip down to the post office to get a parcel delivered to their recipient, saving precious time in the process. 

Peace of mind

Door-to-door delivery services provide a tracking number for each parcel which lets you check on the progress of the delivery from start to finish. This gives you peace of mind that the parcel is indeed on its way to your recipient. Most providers also notify the sender once the parcel has been delivered so you know it has reached your recipient safely. 

Helpful customer service

Many door-to-door delivery service providers have their own dedicated chat support with some even available to answer customers’ queries 24 hours a day. In case you have any concerns regarding your delivery, from changing the delivery address to adding more parcels, their customer service team will always be ready to assist. This is something you do not get to experience with certain delivery options such as normal or even registered postage.

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Top-notch delivery quality

Door-to-door delivery is often faster as many of these companies offer same-day delivery for up to two working days. This is perfect if your business prides itself on quick delivery and is great for individuals who need to send a last-minute parcel. The demand for delivery has also been on the rise ever since the pandemic, especially when it comes to food and groceries. Consumers’ habits have greatly changed to depending on delivery services which have resulted in a greater emphasis put on last-mile delivery companies to be able to deliver these items fresh to the customers’ doors. Thus, door-to-door delivery is one of the best options as you can even choose to opt for a package where you will get to select a custom pick-up and drop off slot to meet your needs to ensure the items get delivered at their freshest state.

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