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Staff Wellness: Why It's Important & How We Care For Our Employees At Kindred

The delivery industry all around the world has been on the rise and has become even more essential in recent years, no thanks to the pandemic. In fact, in Singapore, e-commerce sales have been forecasted to hit $13.6 million by 2026 which means last-mile delivery services like ours will have to constantly step up to improve processes to meet the demand. 

While doing that, it is also necessary to acknowledge that employees - ranging from the customer support team to the delivery drivers - are the backbone of every delivery company. They help to improve customer satisfaction and complete deliveries; the two most important aspects of the delivery industry. 

Hence, here at Kindred Delivery, we strongly believe in staff wellness as a form of reward or encouragement as it can greatly influence employees’ mental well-being and consequently, their performance at work. 

Read on to find out more about our employee wellness initiatives.

1. We implement a blind hiring process

Kindred Delivery utilises a blind hiring process when it comes to prospective employees as our main goal is to improve inclusivity in our workplace. Blocking out a candidate’s personal information such as name, age, gender, race and religion removes any unconscious or conscious bias - helping to breathe diversity into our delivery company. Instead, we focus entirely on a candidate’s skills or prior work experience so that everyone gets a fair chance. 

2. We work with charities like Yellow Ribbon

To further commit to our mission of hiring employees without judgement, our last-mile delivery company has also worked with charities like Yellow Ribbon to offer ex-offenders a job so that anyone with a history stands a chance. A stable, full-time career also helps them to reintegrate into society - a vital step in building a safer and more inclusive Singapore. 

Career opportunities at Kindred Delivery range from drivers to walkers and sorters that have been designed to be ‘low barrier to entry’ so that accessibility to these jobs increases.

 Apart from training our staff on door to door delivery in singapore

3. We provide additional training resources

Apart from training our staff on how to execute door-to-door delivery perfectly in Singapore, we also provide additional training resources to assist our employees in upskilling to improve their quality of life. These include financial management such as preparing for tax season and how to better plan cash flow. 

When our employees see that we care about them not just while they are at work, but also on a more personal level like helping them to possess new knowledge; work attitude, performance and culture will all improve for the better. 

Why we take staff wellness so seriously at Kindred Delivery

Last-mile delivery can be a taxing job with long hours on the road. Thus, here at Kindred Delivery, we aim to make working more enjoyable with our holistic approach to staff wellness which includes support systems that will help employees advance in both their professional and personal lives. 

We never compromise on our employees’ needs and well-being because, without them, seamless door-to-door delivery will be impossible. 

Get in touch with us if you would like to join our dynamic team as a driver, sorter or walker and to find out more about the working hours, salary, requirements and benefits.