Pickup and Delivery What Is It and The Advantages

Pickup & Delivery: What Is It & The Advantages

A pickup and delivery service in Singapore, like its name suggests, entails picking up a package from the shipper’s premises and delivering it to the consignee’s premises.

This delivery method has many advantages, especially for businesses that deal with a large number of orders and packages on a daily basis.

Not convinced? Read on to find out more about the benefits of a pickup and delivery service.

1. Focus on the core of your business

Let the pickup and delivery service handle the logistics side of your business - everything from picking up to delivering - so you can focus on the operational aspects.

This means there will not be a need to stress about delivery schedules, hire extra manpower or worry about route planning to avoid delays; your time and energy can be used to bring your business to greater heights instead.

2. Greater convenience

A pickup and delivery service basically delivers door-to-door so it provides greater convenience for both businesses and their customers. There is no need to step out of your premises to schedule a delivery - perfect for businesses that are still figuring out their processes.

This is also one of the best delivery methods for perishables such as food and important items like medications since the date and time of delivery can be customised according to each individual.

3. Save costs

Setting up a separate team to handle deliveries will require a lot of money - think about the manpower needed ranging from backend support to drivers, having to purchase a fleet of vehicles to meet the demand, and investing in technology such as GPS trackers.

Instead of burning a hole in your pocket for something that is not the core of your business, hiring a pickup and delivery service will help you to save costs in the long run. Leave it to the professionals to deliver parcels on time and provide high-quality service.

4. Improve customer service

Pickup and delivery services in Singapore provide real-time tracking to keep both your business and your customers updated and do route planning to optimise delivery times. Some even offer chat support and specific delivery timings to meet your customers’ different needs.

When parcels are delivered on time and in good condition, customer service gets improved which will translate into greater confidence in your business and products, as well as increased sales.

5. Affordable option

While we have already covered how using a pickup and delivery service will help your business to save costs, not many truly see how affordable it can get. Many of these services charge just a few dollars per parcel but of course, if you are choosing designated pickup and dropoff slots, then you would have to pay a bit more.

Nonetheless, this is still a good option if your business does not have the manpower or budget to set up a separate logistics team.

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Here at Kindred Delivery, we offer pickup and delivery at attractive and affordable prices with no weight limit on parcels. Tracking as well as chat support are included to give you greater peace of mind.

We also understand the frustration when parcels do not get delivered and hence, provide two re-attempts per delivery.

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