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Last-Mile Delivery: What Is It & Why We Do What We Do

The logistics industry not just in Singapore, but also all around the world is ever-changing as consumer behaviour evolves, e-commerce trends progress and technology improve.

Although traditional courier services are still very much relevant and have their advantages, it cannot be denied that it has been getting increasingly challenging to meet the demands of online shoppers.

In fact, e-commerce sales in Singapore have been forecasted to hit $13.4 billion by 2026 - a sign that more needs to be done in the logistics industry to cater to needs fuelled by the pandemic-induced digital shift.

This is when last-mile delivery comes into play; it is a mode of delivery that has been gaining popularity among businesses and consumers thanks to its efficiency and convenience.

Last-mile carriers aim to benefit both businesses and consumers, creating a win-win situation that will reshape the logistics industry.

Here at Kindred Delivery, a last-mile logistics company in Singapore, we take our mission and vision of providing the best courier service seriously - here is everything you need to know about last-mile delivery and why we do what we do.

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Part 2 - All about last-mile delivery in Singapore

2.1 What is last-mile delivery?

Overview of what consist last-mile delivery

Just like its name suggests, last-mile logistics is the last leg of the delivery journey in which a delivery company in Singapore sends the parcel from a warehouse to the customer’s door.

The main difference between last-mile delivery and traditional package delivery is that tracking will be provided and a shorter delivery timeframe can be chosen when you decide on utilising a last-mile carrier.

Last-mile carriers that understand the challenges of delivering such as delays, shipping costs and lack of visibility will usually enhance their processes to make the entire last-mile journey a breeze for both businesses and consumers.

A typical last-mile delivery process entails orders being entered into the system, followed by drivers picking up the parcels and bringing them back to the sorting hub, then assigning designated deliveries to drivers, and lastly, delivering the parcels to recipients.

It is essentially a pick-up and delivery service that provides you with ultimate convenience - there is no need to step out of your home or office to get your parcels delivered to your consumers. This helps to save precious time for your company, regardless of whether you are a small home-based business or a big corporation.

2.2 How is last-mile delivery reshaping the logistics industry?

Last-Mile Delivery Reshaping factors

According to Supply Chain Brain, 29% of their 600 respondents will stop shopping with a retailer altogether upon receiving a late delivery once. Although the number does not seem large, the long-term effects of consistent late deliveries will surely make a negative impact on your business.

While utilising last-mile delivery is an option since carriers focus on offering quick and reliable delivery services, the reality is there are often external factors that can pose challenges to delivery companies too.

Thankfully, the use of technology (which has improved over the years) helps to make processes more efficient so that last-mile carriers achieve quicker delivery speed without having to compromise on quality and service.

Here are some ways technology has benefited last-mile delivery companies and helped to reshape the logistics industry:

• Real-time tracking

Gone are the days when businesses and consumers have zero clue about where their parcel is or when it will be delivered. Last-mile delivery companies offer real-time tracking so that both senders and recipients receive updates every step of the way, from the parcel being out for delivery to pit stops and successful delivery notifications. The improved transparency in delivery updates gives both parties peace of mind that the parcel is indeed on its way.

• RFID labels and scanners

Also known as smart labels, RFID labels are commonly used in last-mile delivery to enable quick processing and tracking of parcels. Instead of having to count the load manually, drivers can now use an RFID scanner gun to manage inventory. This improves efficiency and productivity, allowing drivers to get their job done faster to prevent delivery delays. On-time delivery is one of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction.

• Route planning

Just like how the average person would use GPS to help navigate the roads when out and about, last-mile delivery companies also utilise the technology to assist them in route planning. Drivers then take the fastest and shortest route, or an alternative one in the event of traffic to reach their destination on time. Apart from ensuring timely deliveries to satisfy customers’ needs, route planning also helps delivery companies to optimise fuel efficiency.

• Telematics

Telematics connect wireless communication networks to remote applications so as to achieve end-to-end connectivity. For instance, a fleet management system is often used by last-mile delivery companies to monitor the vehicles’ health so that they can be sent for maintenance and repairs before they even break down. This prevents delivery delays due to unforeseen malfunctions and avoids downtime that may affect the last-mile carrier’s delivery speed.

• Real-time insights

Additionally, insights collected through the fleet management system can be used to monitor a driver’s behaviour. If a vehicle has been stationary at a location for too long, management can jump in to check if the driver requires assistance or see if any suspicious activity is taking place. This method of measuring driver’s efficiency allows last-mile delivery companies to re-evaluate their processes so as to make improvements to meet the demand.

2.3 The advantages of using last-mile delivery

Choosing last-mile delivery in singapore

If your business is looking to engage a last-mile delivery company in Singapore to meet all your logistics needs but is still hesitating, these advantages may convince you.

• Enhance visibility

Give your customers greater assurance with enhanced visibility throughout the entire last-mile delivery process, as real-time tracking allows parcels to be tracked every minute. Transparency gives customers the power to make decisions, such as knowing when to be home to receive deliveries that contain perishable goods or giving drivers instructions on where to place parcels.

• Boost customer satisfaction

Keeping your customers happy is understandably a priority for any business, which is also why utilising last-mile delivery is a good idea. It places emphasis on providing quick and reliable deliveries islandwide with the use of state-of-the-art technologies which will help you to boost customer satisfaction levels and increase the chances of repeat business and orders in return. Customer loyalty is extremely important, with 82% of companies agreeing that retention is cheaper than acquisition.

• Greater convenience

Last-mile delivery is also a door-to-door delivery service, with drivers picking up parcels from your preferred location and delivering them at the doors of your recipients. This provides your business with greater convenience, as it takes away the need to spend extra time travelling from your warehouse or office to a parcel dropoff point. The time saved can be used for other aspects of your business that matter, such as brainstorming ways to further your business.

• More flexibility

Unlike traditional courier services in which parcels take a few business days to reach your recipients and without a delivery timeframe, last-mile delivery companies typically provide more flexibility. You will be able to choose from a few working days to next-day delivery and even same-day delivery thanks to customisable options. Pick-up and delivery times can also be customised according to your and your customer's needs which will come in handy when delivering perishables like food and frozen items that need to be refrigerated.

• Increase profitability

Reliable and on-time deliveries also mean reducing the chances of the need for delivery re-attempts, helping your business save costs all while encouraging customers to place an order again. Besides, you will no longer have to worry about setting up an in-house delivery team which will only incur additional costs from purchasing a fleet of vehicles, investing in last-mile delivery technologies, hiring staff and training them.

• Reduce disputes

Lost parcels are common but that does not mean more cannot be done to reduce the chances of it from happening. For instance, both businesses and consumers are able to track packages with notifications sent in the form of emails or SMS alerts. Proof of delivery through the use of photos will usually be provided as well so that disputes can be prevented. This protects and benefits both parties for a pleasant last-mile delivery experience.

• Improve operational scalability

Your business’ ability to scale the organisation and systems to cope with the surge in demand is referred to as operational scalability. However, this can be challenging for smaller companies, especially during the holiday period. Thankfully, roping in a third party last-mile carrier is essentially improving operational scalability as it can help to satisfy the demands without your business compromising on quality just to produce a large number of orders. All you need to do is leave the logistics portion to the last-mile delivery company while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Part 3 - Why we do what we do

3.1 Understanding Kindred Delivery and how your packages are handled

Employee of logistics scanning parcel

With a deeper understanding of how last-mile delivery works, you may also be wondering what we do and how we stand out from the crowd here at Kindred Delivery.

We are a last-mile delivery service in Singapore that wishes to overwrite how courier services are perceived locally, such as slow deliveries and bad or mediocre service, for example.

Our main goal is to be a game changer in the logistics industry, by offering services that bridge the gap between geographical distances and time limitations to satisfy both businesses and their consumers.

As we understand how crucial the last-mile carrier’s role is, our team at Kindred Delivery prides itself on going the extra mile to ensure timely deliveries without sacrificing the quality of our services.

While we can go on and on about our vision and what we can offer, nothing would sound more convincing than actually bringing you on every step we take when handling the packages you entrust us with.

Here is a step-by-step process to the last-mile delivery experience with Kindred Delivery so you know what to expect:

1. Send in an order

To get started, simply submit an order via our website with the sender, receiver and parcel details.

Choose from Standard, Express and Tailored packages depending on your preferred delivery timeframe. Prices start from just $3.40 per package as we believe in offering affordable options so that every business has access to quality last-mile delivery.

Our delivery timeframes are also designed to be quick with a maximum of two working days to designated pick-up and delivery timings.

There is no weight limit for each parcel but take note that the package should not exceed 300cm in length + weight + height.

Tracking is provided regardless of the package you choose, so there is no need to worry about a lack of transparency or visibility.

2. Preparing your parcels for pick-up

Next, print out your receiver’s details on our RFID labels and paste them on your parcels. This is a crucial step in helping us sort and send out your parcels efficiently.

Once that is done, all you have to do is wait for one of our friendly drivers to pick up your parcels at the stipulated timeframe and date.

3. Sorting your parcels

Instead of manually counting, the load of parcels will then be counted using an RFID scanner gun to prevent any delays, before transferring it to one of our warehouses.

There, major sorting happens in which parcels are categorised into North, South, East and West locations to facilitate quicker delivery.

The load is then further micro-sorted into bags of 10 based on the driver’s pre-planned route. We do not believe in stretching our drivers thin, as this will only ultimately affect businesses like yourself who have entrusted your parcels with us.

4. Delivering your parcels

The very last step of the last-mile delivery process is, of course, delivering your parcels.

Our drivers get on the road and follow a pre-planned route to ensure your parcels are delivered on time and in good condition. The small delivery quantity of 10 also allows drivers to provide better service to enhance the last-mile delivery experience, especially since the deliveryman is often the only face consumers see throughout their entire online shopping journey.

3.2 Kindred Delivery’s impact

Kindred delivery carrier van

Apart from focusing on our core function which is to offer a fantastic last-mile delivery experience for both businesses and consumers, Kindred Delivery also believes in going beyond just business.

We understand that our employees and the community are the backbones of our business, and hence, have initiatives in place to give back to them.

Here are some ways we show we care:

• Putting in place staff wellness incentives

We believe in offering our employees more out of their jobs because work-life balance is essential for increased productivity, better staff retention and reduced absenteeism among many other benefits. Thus, our staff wellness incentives include additional HR resources and training such as financial management courses to help prepare them for tax season and better cash flow. This will in turn improve their quality of life and encourage enhanced work attitude, performance and culture in the workplace.

• Implementing a blind hiring process

To improve inclusivity and diversity, we implement a blind hiring process in which we block out a candidate’s personal information such as name, age, gender, race and religion. This removes any unconscious or conscious bias and we focus solely on a candidate’s skills or prior work experience to make decisions so that everyone has a fair chance.

• Working with charities

Our last-mile delivery company has also worked with charities like Yellow Ribbon to offer ex-offenders a job so that anyone with a history stands a chance to reintegrate into society. We hire employees without judgement in hopes that our entry-level jobs ranging from drivers to walkers and sorters give people an opportunity to pick up new skills and improve their lives regardless of their background.

• Creating awareness of social issues

We thought long and hard about how we can support our local artists while creating and raising awareness of certain important social issues. Then, we realised that as a last-mile carrier, our merchandise such as boxes and poly mailer bags are some of the best places to showcase artists’ works. When your recipients receive their parcels, these artworks help to spread the message and encourage our society to move forward together.

• Becoming a sustainable business

Kindred Delivery also aims to be carbon neutral by 2026 not just to improve brand image, but because we genuinely care about sustainability and our environment too. Hence, we are working hard towards our goal by utilising a full fleet of electric vehicles, sustainable packaging options and solar powered warehouses.

3.3 The benefits of sending your parcels with Kindred Delivery

Kindred Delivery may not be the only last-mile carrier in Singapore, but we always aim to deliver to the best of our ability with our customer-centric approach.

Here are some benefits your business will reap if it chooses to send parcels with us:

• Flexible delivery dates and timings

Choose from three packages ranging from two working days to customisable dates and timings to meet any specific needs your business may have. In fact, 97% of consumers consider same-day deliveries to be "fast" which means if there is the option to offer your customers that, then choosing to take advantage of it will bring your business greater results.

• Affordable prices

Last-mile delivery does not have to burn a hole in your pocket - our packages are designed to be affordable so even small businesses can afford them. Prices start from just $3.40 per package with no weight limit so you get more bang for your buck.

• Chat support for enhanced communication

We understand the struggle of not knowing who to turn to when there are issues with your order, which is why we have chat support you can get in touch with to clarify any inquiries or make amendments to orders. From changing the delivery address to adding more parcels, our customer service team is always ready to assist.

• Real-time tracking

Know where your parcels are and when they will be delivered for greater assurance that they are indeed on their way to your recipients. This helps to prevent disputes between businesses and customers as well. Real-time tracking also enhances visibility by keeping your customers notified every step of the way so they can make the appropriate arrangements to be home to receive their parcels.

• Two delivery re-attempts

Unforeseen circumstances may occur and can result in failed deliveries but there is no need to fret as we offer two re-attempts per delivery! No extra costs will be incurred; just like how we believe in offering ex-offenders a second chance by giving them a job, the same is applied to our deliveries.

Aside from these benefits, choosing to collaborate and send your parcels with a last-mile delivery company like Kindred Delivery also means that you support the causes mentioned above.

If you are looking for a last-mile carrier that does its job well but also cares about the society, community and the environment, then Kindred Delivery might just be the one.

Consider last-mile delivery in Singapore today

On-time and reliable delivery results in an overall improved experience that will help to give your business a competitive edge over others. Consumer expectations will also be met through last-mile delivery, as situations where they feel frustrated with the lack of transparency, professionalism and accuracy, can be avoided. This then translates into higher customer satisfaction which is important, because 59% of customers will leave a company after a few bad experiences.

Hence, last-mile delivery is here to stay as e-commerce trends and the growing demand coupled with ever-improving technology render further support to this mode of delivery.

The advantages of utilising last-mile delivery do not just apply to your customers but will also benefit your business in the long run.

Consider Kindred Delivery and let us transform the way your business feels about logistics.

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