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How Last-Mile Delivery Shapes Customer Experience

The excitement of receiving a parcel that consumers experience is often dulled no thanks to delays. In fact, reports have shown that consumers are less likely to repurchase from a brand that is not able to deliver within the promised timeframe. 

But before we delve deeper into how it shapes the customer’s experience, you may be wondering what exactly is last-mile delivery? Well, it is the final step of the delivery process, in which the parcel gets delivered from the warehouse to the recipient’s door. 

This crucial process is one of the reasons why last-mile delivery in Singapore is important, as it can potentially make or break the entire experience - considering the fact that the dispatcher is typically the only human face consumers see and interact with. 

Here are four ways last-mile delivery shapes customer experience. 

1. Route planning for a speedy delivery

Naturally, on-time or early delivery is always preferred as compared to delayed delivery as it sets a bad impression on both the brand and the last-mile delivery company. 

To make sure your customers receive their parcels within the delivery window, last-mile delivery companies have made conscious efforts to optimise routes by using technology to find the shortest and fastest course. This allows them to provide accurate ETAs and meet delivery dates and times so your customers receive their parcels on time, improving their overall online shopping experience.

2. Real-time tracking solution for greater convenience

Most last-mile delivery companies provide a delivery timeframe that can range from hours to days, which may not be as helpful to consumers since they will not be able to track where exactly their parcel is. With the help of a real-time tracking solution though, both dispatchers and the consumer get to experience greater convenience by being able to track the parcel at every stage, helping them to anticipate the delivery and make arrangements to be home. 

If unprecedented delays do happen, consumers will be informed ahead of time - allowing them to make other arrangements and not wait till the last minute only to not receive their parcels. 

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3. Two-way communication between dispatcher and consumer

The pandemic has also resulted in new consumer habits when it comes to deliveries, such as opting for contactless package delivery. Thus, the two-way communication solution that last-mile delivery companies utilise makes it a seamless experience when it comes to liaising back and forth with both dispatcher and consumer.

For instance, certain consumers may want the parcel to be left on their shoe rack while others may not want the dispatcher to ring the bell. The two-way communication solution makes sure dispatchers are aware of these special instructions so that the consumer’s needs are met.

4. Proof of delivery gives both brands and consumers peace of mind

Delivery companies in Singapore have been making more contactless deliveries in recent years, resulting in a need to show proof of delivery, something that has become more important than ever before. 

Therefore, the use of electronic proof of delivery by last-mile delivery companies gives both brands and consumers peace of mind that the parcel has been delivered, effectively reducing the chances of disputes between businesses and their customers. 

Last-mile delivery with the right technologies helps to reduce delivery failures which in turn improves customer satisfaction and avoids reputational damage. If your business is convinced to give it a try, get in touch with us here at Kindred Delivery. Our team of dedicated drivers and logistics staff pride themselves on getting your parcels delivered to your recipients quickly and safely for the best customer experience possible.