A Brief Introduction To The Parcel Shipping Process

A Brief Introduction To The Parcel Shipping Process

Paying more attention to the shipping process as it is one of the most crucial steps in influencing your customers’ satisfaction and experience is vital as a business owner. Not only is utilising a human-focused approach important, but maintaining the speed and quality of every delivery is equally essential.

However, it is not always necessary to invest in setting up a separate delivery department for your company. There are plenty of delivery companies in Singapore that offer top-notch parcel delivery services that will tick all your boxes and meet your needs.

Unsure if collaborating with an external delivery company will be beneficial for your business? This brief introduction to a typical parcel shipping process in Singapore will help you to make an informed decision.

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What is the shipping process like?

Last-mile delivery is the solution to get parcels delivered to customers for e-commerce businesses like yours. Your company will be responsible for receiving, processing and fulfilling the order and each stage is indispensable in helping you to deliver parcels accurately and quickly.

Upon receiving an order, you will have to ensure that there is sufficient inventory in stock before verifying the order details such as items purchased and the customer’s address. Next, the fulfilment stage begins in which you start packing and preparing the parcels before dropping them off for delivery.

While all these sound fairly straightforward, what you may not notice is that there are many hidden costs associated with self-fulfilment such as purchasing a fleet of vehicles and hiring manpower. On the other hand, when you partner with a third-party delivery company like us here at Kindred Delivery, you save time, effort and money in return.

External parcel delivery services like ours employ robust technologies and have systemic processes in place to achieve optimum delivery quality and speed.

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How are my packages handled?

Teaming up with a delivery company makes the shipping process a breeze so that your company is able to maximise employees’ time and effort to focus on other tasks that matter.

Simply place an order for a parcel delivery service, get the package ready for pick-up by printing your receiver’s details on RFID labels and wait for it to be collected at your preferred date and time.

Your job ends there - the delivery company will take charge of counting, sorting and delivering the parcels. At Kindred Delivery, we make use of technologies like RFID scanners and route tracking apps to make processes more seamless, achieving ultimate customer satisfaction.

Read more about how your packages are handled at Kindred Delivery here.

What are the benefits of partnering with a delivery company?

• Timely pick-up and drop-off

Time is of the essence, especially when more and more consumers are expecting faster deliveries. Last-mile delivery companies in Singapore pride themselves on offering timely pick-up and drop-off services that will benefit both businesses and consumers. Additionally, transferring parcels from one location to another is done in a systematic and reliable manner to ensure packages remain in tip-top shape.

• Door-to-door delivery

Parcel delivery services also provide door-to-door delivery to help businesses save even more time, particularly useful when it comes to urgent requests. There is no need for your staff or customer to step out of the office or house to send or collect a parcel. Some delivery companies allow customisable alternatives to meet different time-critical delivery requirements too.

• Affordable pricing

Compared to forking out a lump sum of money to purchase a fleet of vehicles, training staff and hiring extra manpower to meet your business’s logistical needs, partnering with a delivery company will be a more cost-effective option. This is thanks to the affordable price model provided by many parcel delivery services - here at Kindred Delivery, our prices start from just $3.40 per package.

Find out more about the benefits of utilising a delivery service here.

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If you are convinced to give a parcel delivery service a try, consider Kindred Delivery. Our delivery and pick-up services will help you to get your parcels to your recipient quickly and securely.

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