4 Strategies to Be a More Sustainable Last-Mile Delivery Company

4 Strategies to Be a More Sustainable Last-Mile Delivery Company

Businesses and delivery companies in Singapore strive to provide quick deliveries to enhance customer satisfaction, but what most people do not realise is the huge impact this has on our environment. 

During the last section of logistics, also known as last-mile delivery, packages are split into zones to facilitate dispatch which is carried out by a fleet of vehicles. Unfortunately, in a bid to offer swift deliveries, many companies are unaware of the huge amount of carbon emissions these vehicles produce as a result. 

Thus, it is high time we start doing a part for our environment by reducing our carbon footprint, being more eco-friendly and providing more sustainable delivery methods.

Here are four strategies your last-mile delivery company can adopt to work towards concrete sustainability goals - keep reading to find out more. 

1. Offset carbon footprint

Last-mile delivery is an essential part of most businesses but the reality is that it contributes to global warming. Although this is inevitable, the next best thing you can do is to offset your company’s carbon footprint as much as possible. 

Some examples to consider include planting trees to reduce greenhouse gases, providing customers with compostable packaging and avoiding single-use plastic in your company’s last-mile delivery process. 

2. Offer green delivery options

However, sometimes, just focusing on offsetting your company’s carbon footprint is not enough. Other solutions like offering your customers green delivery options can also help your company meet its sustainability goals more quickly. 

The increasing demand for online shopping and next-day delivery has resulted in drivers spending more time on the road, causing traffic congestion and contributing to carbon emissions. Hence, when you provide green delivery options, you give your customers a chance to select slower delivery speeds that can help to decrease your company’s carbon emissions.

Rely on electric vehicles last mile delivery Singapore

3. Rely on electric vehicles

Offering green delivery options is a great way to get started on being a more sustainable last-mile delivery company, but an even better option is to switch out vans and cars that rely on fuel with electric vehicles. This is one of the most viable ways to achieve zero greenhouse emissions. 

Many major delivery companies around the world like Amazon and FedEx have started switching to electric vehicles, so it is also time to jump on the bandwagon. Your delivery company can consider working out a budget before deciding how many electric vehicles to invest in, then making a pledge to replace 100% of the company’s vehicles with battery-powered ones by a certain year. 

4. Invest in GPS trackers and route management systems

If electric vehicles are currently not part of your company’s plan, installing GPS trackers in your fleet of vehicles or using a route management system helps too. They do not just improve work processes, but can also assist your company in reducing its carbon footprint. 

For example, a GPS tracker provides valuable insight into the vehicle’s idle period which can be used to access whether a driver has been leaving the engine on for prolonged periods of time while making deliveries, so that appropriate action can be taken. 

A route management system, on the other hand, helps last-mile delivery companies plan efficient routes by suggesting the fastest road or alternatives for avoiding traffic congestion. This reduces drivers’ time on the road, decreasing your company’s overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Kindred Delivery’s sustainability efforts.

Kindred Delivery’s sustainability efforts last mile delivery Singapore

We understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and being kinder to the environment here at Kindred Delivery, a last-mile delivery company in Singapore. 

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Thus, we have been working towards meeting the sustainability goal we have set - to be carbon neutral by 2026! Our company uses a full fleet of electric vehicles, sustainable packaging options and solar-powered warehouses; we are committed to making our delivery service an eco-conscious one. 

Find out more about Kindred Delivery and what we do!