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4 Benefits Of Utilising A Delivery Service In Singapore

Technology has evolved over the years, making it an easy and fuss-free way for us to purchase items online and have them delivered to our door. However, it was not until the pandemic did people start realising just how much of an important role these delivery services in Singapore play. 

Almost everything, from food and groceries to bulky items like technology and fragile items such as electronics - can be purchased online and delivered by a courier, so the occurrences of having to step out of the house are lessened. 

Alas, there are still some businesses out there that have not jumped on the bandwagon of utilising a delivery service to bring products to their customers. If you are running a business and still on the fence, these benefits may just change your mind. 

1. Improved delivery speed

Each delivery company has its own fleet of vehicles, a team of drivers and customer support, and technology to help make the entire process more efficient. Thus, hiring a delivery service in Singapore will give you peace of mind that everything from picking up to sorting and dropping off is done not just right, but also quicker. This is especially apt for businesses that are dealing with perishable products, such as food and groceries, as the delivery timeframe makes all the difference in the quality of the items.

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2. A more affordable option

Having an in-house delivery team could mean extra costs in hiring manpower, investing in tracking software, rental for warehouse space, petrol for delivery vehicles and more. All of these add up over time and may not be justifiable especially if your business is just starting out. Utilising a delivery service is, in fact, a more affordable option because you are only paying a price for the service and will not have to worry about other factors. 

For instance, here at Kindred Delivery, we offer door-to-door delivery in Singapore at a fixed price with no fluctuations even during festive seasons so you never have to worry about unwarranted surcharges. 

3. Increased reliability

Lost parcels are never fun, as that would mean incurring losses for the company and giving your customers a bad experience. Luckily, this woe can be easily resolved by utilising a delivery service, as these companies usually provide tracking so you can follow the parcel on its journey from the warehouse to your customer - ensuring that it gets delivered. Being able to track also allows you to raise an inquiry should the parcel be stuck in a certain process for way too long. 

At Kindred Delivery, tracking is included as well as chat support to handle any queries you may have. We also allow two re-attempts per delivery because we understand how important last-mile delivery is to both the business and your customers. 

4. A foolproof way to deliver items

Utilising a delivery service in Singapore is also effortless on your end. Most delivery companies have online management tools that allow you to create an account, schedule a delivery and pay directly on the website itself. It is easy to use and there is no need for you to step out of your home or office to get a parcel delivered - great if you are a small business owner who needs to save time. 

Our team of dedicated drivers and logistics staff here at Kindred Delivery pride themselves on getting your parcels delivered to your recipients quickly and safely. Get in touch with us to find out more.