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Inspiring change as a delivery company in Singapore

A Humble Tale Of
Our Delivery Company.

Delivery or courier services must make people’s lives better. As a delivery company in Singapore, we aim to be recognized for offering services that bridge the gap between geographical distances and time limitations. Being a last mile carrier, we aim to support individuals and businesses by delivering parcels with care and in a timely manner. What started out as a dream to become the game-changer in the industry is now a business that is strengthened by people’s trust.

The responsibility of a last mile carrier is crucial in both personal and business level. As in a relay, the last link in the chain must go the extra mile to ensure that the task is finished on time. To ensure this level of work efficiency without compromising the quality of our services, we have improved our sorting process to avoid misplacement and keep a “first in, first out” logistics. You can also enjoy a real-time parcel tracking experience with our improved driver routing system. RFID labels are also implemented to guarantee efficiency and security in our collection process. With these efforts and investments, we wished to overwrite how courier services are perceived in Singapore.  

We vowed to change the way people perceive a local delivery company. We became the change we so wanted to see in the industry. While we conduct our services in a timely manner, we are also showing utmost care when handling each deliveries.

We are a mother and son team looking to create a family legacy in logistics, setting up our very own delivery company where your sentiments matter. Having already spent ten years finessing our supply chain and servicing businesses with last mile delivery, we have noticed opportunities to do more - to offer better quality service with smarter, cheaper solutions. So we thought, why not jump in and switch things up?
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Kindred Delivery local courier service

Our Vision

As a delivery company in Singapore, our vision is simple — making quality service available to all, while positively impacting our community wherever we can. We do this with a people-first approach.

For our customers, this means ensuring reliable and personalised support through our dedicated customer service team and last mile carriers, being receptive to feedback and constantly innovating new services and processes to better serve different needs.

For our staff, this means building a strong, holistic support network that aims to turn a job into a career, a workplace into a home, and a team into a family unit.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reshape Singapore’s logistics landscape by approaching it with care, attention and a fresh set of eyes. We are looking to disrupt the industry through tactical innovation, while strengthening our community through providing generous support and resources so they are equipped to grow and excel with us. We aim to be a delivery company that people trust.

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