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We are a logistics company that is run by the community, for the community. We offer quality courier services while paying extra attention to the human beings on both ends of a delivery and going the extra mile to give them the support and care that they need. We believe that parcels are more than just delivery boxes. Inside every parcel is joy, consolation, apology, or sentiment. Kindred Delivery provides a delivery service in Singapore that is guided by compassion and empathy. We fit into our clients’ shoes to understand how they want to send or receive each parcel that is entrusted to us.
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A Delivery Service Like No Other

We, at Kindred Delivery, pride ourselves in providing economical and customisable courier services in Singapore for any type of customer. Our processes are frequently fine-tuned for maximum efficiency, and our experimental spirit means that we are ever-ready to take innovative risks in the name of evolution and sustainability. With over ten years of logistics experience under our belt, we use our knowledge to empower our community of workers to do every package delivery on time, and on point. We are eager to help every person to connect to their loved ones despite the geographical distances, one courier service at a time.

Our Services & Prices


No weight limitation
Delivery within 2 calendar days with no weight limitations.
  • 2-day Delivery
  • 2 pick-up slots to choose from - before/after 12pm
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No weight limitation
24-hour delivery with morning and afternoon express options.
  • 24-hr Delivery
  • Same-day delivery for orders placed before 12pm
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 Contact us for details
Fully customisable white-glove service.
  • Choose your pickup slot
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  • Design a unique pickup and drop-off experience
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We are currently only accepting corporate orders. To get more details or a custom quote, do reach out to us directly.